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Amazing Tips and Tricks for Casino Lifestyle


Some very good tips and tricks for casino lifestyle folks, poker players, maybe even slot and blackjack players. All of them spent lot of their life inside casinos. Playing poker or other games, or reporting on big tournaments.

There are ins and outs of the casino business, including some veteran tips and tricks. Below are things to either do or keep in mind when you’re living the casino lifestyle.

Rewards program – every casino has some sort of rewards program. Sign up at Guest Services, be sure to ask whether or not there are any incentives for signing up. Casinos usually will offer meal discounts, free play or table match just for joining. Benefit of signing up for a players card is that you’ll often get offers via email and regular mail. Be sure to use card whenever you play. Playing slots and table games can help you quickly achieve a higher status. Once the casino sees you’re a legit player, they’re more likely to extend you special offers such as free hotel stays, meals, etc.  

Keep in mind “Sharing is Caring” – Traveling for poker tournaments can get expensive, in fact it is expensive. Live players pay for hotel, gas, food, airplane tickets, taxis etc. Just few examples of the costs associated with playing in poker tournaments away from home. You’ll be looking to save on expenses, and there are some ways to do that.

Join social networks like Facebook and Twitter and start following your fellow poker players, become part of the community. Eventually you’ll make poker friends to travel with, which can cuts expenses for gas by at least half. Also try to befriend and other poker industry people. People who constantly travel for poker, floor staff, dealers and media. Often they’re willing to split expenses or allow you to stay with them for some cash, or approach same people when it comes to splitting a cab, hitching a ride to the airport, etc.

Research – Do you care how luxurious a room may be? A comfortable bed, air conditioning, and good water pressure is really all you need? However, place must offer other amenities such as a refrigerator, microwave, laundry, fitness center, and maybe a pool?


Get Out – Poker players have amazing opportunity to travel the globe. It is unbelievable how many poker players simply travel from stop to stop and never venture outside the casino. Yes, it’s for work, and means 12+ hours a day on the poker table. Get out and experience the surrounding area. Whether it’s amazing place like Monte Carlo or somewhere relatively bland. Simply go for a walk and see what the place has to offer, do yourself a favor and go explore. Poker will always be with you wherever you go.