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Roshtein Fake

Casino streams are fake: Roshtein – the fake turkey

Casino streams are fake, period! Roshtein speaks eleven (eyes of a snake) sentences on his streams, ten of which are lies! Watch this scammer's streams if


Why to play at King Billy(Canada Welcome)

Why to play at King Billy? King Billy Casino is maybe one of the best online casinos in the iGaming industry, all around the globe.


betting football

Dutch police are looking into €3000 in match fixing bets.

The Dutch police were notified after representatives of the betting industry noticed unusual betting patterns. One gambler wagered €3,000 on five bets with the same



Best Casinos In Canada

Best Casinos In Canada...What is the best and safest casino in Canada? In 1989, the first casino in Canada opened in Winnipeg. Afterward, hundreds of


Amazing Tips and Tricks for Casino Lifestyle

Some very good tips and tricks for casino lifestyle folks, poker players, maybe even slot and blackjack players. All of them spent lot of their