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Casino streams are fake: Roshtein – the fake turkey

Roshtein Fake

Casino streams are fake, period!

Roshtein speaks eleven (eyes of a snake) sentences on his streams, ten of which are lies!

Watch this scammer’s streams if you want to learn how to defraud others. You might think of Roshtein streams as a free tutorial on how to deceive people professionally. If you have a three-digit IQ, you will be able to understand anything without needing to be told.

People often complain about the hot tub streams. But this is true degeneracy, and it is killing the lives of people. I’m interested as to how many gambling addicts have been developed as a result of twitch/youtube allowing this type of  scam content to be broadcast.

As a matter of fact I swear it makes me puke when this guy fakes his emotions on streams like he’s messing with his own money (100-200-500-1000-1500 USD spins). He needs his own petroleum refinery in Sadui Arabia to be able to make such bets! People, start understanding basic logic and math.

In the light of truth there is a video of himself, exposing himself (emoji with rolling eyes):

However, there have been numerous rumors that Roshtein has a separate contract with Pragmatic Play. Additionally each of you’ll have taken note that 70-80% of the time on his streams he mostly plays Pragmatic games.

Anyway never be ashamed to ask Roshtein about his money, deposits and withdrawals from casino. His response might tell you a lot – You will be simply banned.