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One BitStarz Player Won Massive Multiplier


BitStarz player won massive multiplier, indeed. We all want to win big, and BitStarz can make it happen! Just ask the player who managed to turn a small $0.10 bet into a lot more by playing the exciting Book of Shadows slot.

Books Are Worth Money

It never hurt anyone to read a book now and then. Nolimit City’s Book of Shadows slot is not a children’s book. And winning 10,088x your stake is just another example of how one book and one spin can change everything. It’s such a rush to land a big win like this that you’ll want to do it again and again.

You can feel the player’s excitement just by watching this video. And by doing so, you might be able to manifest one of your own.

No matter how incredible this video is, we can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if the bet size had been even higher. Oh my goodness!

Winning Big Isn’t a New Thing

Players winning big with BitStarz is nothing new, and we have many success stories to share with you right here. Who can forget the €200,100 win? One lucky players managed to scoop up in Evolution Gaming’s fantastic Crazy Time game last year.

What about when another player won a whopping $280,000 with a single click of the mouse?

Record Breaking Win

These are all significant wins that would brighten anyone’s day, but when it comes to slots, there are wins and then there are wins! At the end of May of last year, BitStarz record for wins was shattered when one of players won a whopping $2.4 million!

What changes in your life after such a win, and what would you do if it happened to you? So, sin.

Choose Your Own Adventure

With the number of games available in game lobby, there are always slots ready to explode and ensure you get that big payday you seek. Check out the exclusive welcome bonus offers and free slot spins.

Do you continue to play your favorite slots, or is it time to branch out and try something new? You’re in luck because you can do it all right here, so just go for it. Best wishes, and may the online slot force be with you!