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Crypto can be next big thing in sports betting


Bitcoin is the most secure way to fund sports wagering accounts in crypto sports betting. Not only secure, but they are private regarding personal identities

And have no fees tacked onto any transaction made. Bitcoin sportsbook and gambling sites allow for nearly instant deposits and withdrawals. This is an excellent feature if you want to place a quick bet and the games are starting soon. If you win a big amount of Bitcoins in betting/gambling, it is always nice to have the money sent right away to your Bitcoin address.

Whether you’d like to use crypto to play casino games, poker games, to bet on sports, or even on eSports, you can find the best crypto gambling sites for each of those categories. Bitcoin betting sites have unusually big deposit bonuses that cannot be seen in regular online betting sites. Also crypto sportsbook sites also offer very unique betting options, one example is the mutual betting.


Disadvantage? Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can have a lot of turbulence in the EUR/USD exchange rate.  Your 300€ deposit in crypto can be worth 250 € next week or month, or 350 €.

One of benefits of betting with crypto you don’t have to provide your real name, home address, phone number, credit card number just to request a payout. At most Bitcoin betting/gambling sites you need only a working email and Bitcoin address to deposit or withdraw your money. Note some Bitcoin betting sites still need some KYC (Know your customer) for withdrawals.

Please note that some Bitcoin betting sites still need some KYC (Know your customer) for withdrawals for example.

Taxes? Some countries apply taxes to winnings from gambling, some don’t. In fact, Bitcoin is often exempt from taxation in a large number of countries, and that makes it a very useful way to place bets. Look over the laws and rules in your own country to make sure.

One of the best online sportsbook and casino sites is They accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and few more other cryptos. Registration is free, on top of that as new player you can get 1 USD in crypto free every day, 7 days in a row.

When it comes to accepting crypto and casino only, its worth to drop names of award winning Bitsarz, and Slotum Casino, check the links.